Ten Laws of Attraction

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

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Knowing how to attract what you want is one of the key skills to develop in this life. By reading these ten laws below you will develop a relaxed sense of ease while creating your reality. Please forward these ten laws to friends and family who may benefit.
Important note – the Ten Laws to follow are in the left columns below. The opposites are provided for comparison and contrast, which helps in learning and understanding. Focus more on the "Do" laws, and only glance at the right column.
I call this natural mind method of attraction "Holographic Creation". You can find out more about this Holographic Creation process by visiting
You will learn to master the art of generating emotions. You will realize that nothing outside yourself will cause you to feel a certain way. Emotions come from within, and when you can "feel it now", you will naturally attract more of the same!
All manifesting starts with desire. Success in manifesting depends on desiring in the proper way. You want to do the process correctly right from the beginning, and these ten laws will help you do that.
I believe in a God that is in all things and through all things. I believe we are made of "God-Stuff" and maintain connection with the entire universe in this way. This is why our thoughts create our reality, and why we attract what we focus on and imagine.
Know that you are one with God and the universe, and this will encourage you to trust and surrender, which is one key of the law of attraction.
Another great resource for manifesting is Apryl Jensen’s book on Everyday Manifesting. Her subtitle is "Finding Joy Through Creating Consciously". You can create consciously by learning and using the laws of attraction below. You can discover more about conscious creation at
If you are reading a printed copy of these ten laws, you can access them (and loads of other Light Resources) at
Thanks, and enjoy the Ten Laws of Attraction below!
Christopher and Apryl

Ten Laws of Attraction

(Note – Follow the laws on the bold sentence! The light sentence is here for comparison)
1. Want it but don’t need it! Express gratitude for your current blessings. Allow more to flow into your life by cultivating a spirit of contentment and acceptance.
1. Need it. Absolutely require what you want in order to be happy. Want it in a very "demanding" way.
2. Want with relaxation and ease. Think of the difference between Power and Force. Replace hurry with patience.
2. Want with force and compulsion. Try to control and make everything turn out the way you want.
3. Open yourself to "something better". Visualize the end result, but allow the universe to figure out the "hows".
3. Insist on specifics. Insist that what you want must manifest in a particular way and by a particular method.
4. Be happy without it. You can be happy while still desiring some things to be better in your life. Enjoy happiness right now.
4. Dwell on unhappiness and lack. Eliminate the creative flow by desiring in a "pressured" and "grasping" way.
5. Trust and surrender. Trust in a higher power who knows what is best for you. Surrender in humility to this higher power.
5. Allow fear and ego to rule. Refuse to relax and surrender because you think you can control and do everything yourself. Copyright Christopher Westra & Copyright Christopher Westra &
6. Know why you want it. Ask your self the three words, "For What Purpose?" What emotional state do you desire and anticipate.
6. Avoid conscious creation. Do not attempt to understand why you want something, merely believe it will fulfill you somehow.
7. Explore your reasons. The more benefits and reasons you can imagine in detail, the more likely it is you will manifest your desire.
7. Maintain only one reason for wanting. Do not expand your mind and think of more benefits.
8. Take small steps. Any step forward brings you closer to your desire. Incremental actions lead to monumental results!
8. Freeze yourself into inactivity. Think that the big important steps just take too much energy, so do nothing instead.
9. Exercise patience and consistent action. Success is the progressive realization of a worthy idea. Free yourself from linear time, and live your life in the now.
9. Demand it now. Insist on the need to hurry (because you can’t be happy without it). Believe there is some real destination to reach.
10. Believe you are worth it. You do deserve what you want. Identify and eliminate any limiting beliefs. Remember that you can powerfully create what you want.
10. Believe in your own inferiority. Tell yourself you do not deserve good things in life. Insist that you are a victim.


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