Colour Therapy

>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Colour Therapy
Colour therapy has been used very effectively to treat a number of diseases and other illnesses. It is very easy to practice and inexpensive.
To make use of colour therapy one can simply imagine or visualise the colour surrounding you in a bubble. You can eat a food of the correct colour, wear that colour of clothing or keep the colour around you with flowers or paper. One can also channel colour through your hands to the appropriate area of your body or focus on a crystal of the colour.

The colour of purity and amplification.
It can be used all over the body in all the systems. White contains the entire light spectrum so it can purify the entire system. If you are unsure of what colour to use, white is best.

The colour that reflects strength. It is a grounding colour that can be used for protection.
Black is the protective colour. It is grounding and calming especially to sensitive people. Using too much black can cause depression but one can balance this by using white.

Strengthens the life force, reflects will and sexuality.
Is used for the circulatory system and for sexuality. It stimulates the overall metabolism. It also stimulates deeper passions. Red can strengthen the physical energy. Red is balanced by the colour green.

Activation, construction, optimism and energy reserves.
Can be used in the muscular system, the eliminative system and for emotional aggression. It is the colour of joy and wisdom and creativity. It is the colour that makes people feel sociable. Too much orange can be balanced by blue-green. The colour orange can be used to heal the spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, adrenals, food assimilation and depression.

Mental activity, intellectual power and ability, and awakening.
Yellow can be used for the digestive system, the gastro-intestinal tract, adrenal activity and for the left hemisphere of the brain. It awakens enthusiasm for life and can be used to help learning. Too much yellow is balanced with the blue colours of the spectrum.

Balance and growth and calming.
This colour is used in the circulatory system and the sympathetic nervous system. It should be noted that green must never be used to try and heal tumours or cancerous conditions as it assists growth. Green increases sensitivity and compassion. It awakens greater friendliness, hope, faith and peace. It is restful and revitalising to overtaxed mental conditions.

Peace, faith, aspiration and creative expression.
Used for the respiratory system, venous conditions and the eyes, ears, nose and throat. It is cooling and quieting and has an antiseptic effect. Helps with most childhood diseases as well as asthma, chicken pox, jaundice and rheumatism. Awakens intuition and eases loneliness. It also aids artistic expression and inspiration.

Integration, purification and altered states of consciousness.
Used in the endocrine system and the reproductive system. It can be used to assist infections and most conditions of the head and face. It heals on physical and spiritual levels. It strengthens the lymph system, the glands and the immune system. It is an excellent detoxifier. Too much indigo can be balanced by the soft orange shades.

Purification, transmutation and practical spirituality.
Aids the skeletal system, nervous system, and cancers and tumours. It is a very powerful antiseptic and purifies on all levels. Arthritis can be healed with a blue-violet. It stimulates inspiration and humility. It also stimulates dream activity and past life recollection.

Multi purpose healing.
Helps with the respiratory system and strengthens the metabolism. It cools fevers and inflammations. It is very good for skin ailments, acute pain and earaches. Colour breathing with this colour can stop asthmatic attacks.

Helps the body to assimilate oxygen. It helps to clear a muddled mind and eases depression.

Grounding and stabilising.
It heals and aids overexcited states. It calms and grounds emotions and extreme mental conditions. It awakens common sense and discrimination. It stops the sensation of "spaciness". The rusty shades of brown are especially good for hyperactivity.

Strengthening and amplifying.
Good for the immune system and cardiac conditions. Awakens ones healing abilities to restore balance. It also awakens renewed enthusiasm.

Mental stimulation.
Great for the digestive system and left hemisphere brain activity. It is very good for Alzheimer's and senility. Assists in bringing toxins to the surface for clearing. It is also good for tissues and bones.

Used for skin conditions, inflammations and the immune system. It soothes anger and feelings of neglect. Awakens compassion, love, purity, and discernment of greater truths. It stimulates the thymus gland.

Intense purification.
Use to detoxify the body but use sparingly. It is good for headaches.

Amplification and intuitive clarification.
Good to discern the cause of the disease. It is very effective in meditations. It stimulates the creative imagination and activates innate intuition.


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