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>> Friday, October 10, 2008

Careful What You Think

Negative thoughts lead to negative beliefs which lead to a negativeattitude and ultimately create a negative life. In other words,keep those negative thoughts and life will only get worse.
If you always complain or focus on what is wrong, or point out whatyou don't like in people you'll only attract negative situationsinto your life.
So be careful what you think - because you might just get it.
The next time you find yourself having a negative thought changeit. Switch it to a positive thought. If you don't; you'll findyourself having a series of negative thoughts, which will lead to anegative attitude and a negative life.
By simply changing what you think you can begin changing thecircumstances of your life.
Choose to have positive thoughts. Eliminate negative thoughts. Focus on the positive - and you'll attract more positive situations. Feed your subconscious mind positive messages; create empowering beliefs that will launch you to success and happiness


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