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>> Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meaning and use of colors

Chakras and their corresponding positions in the human body
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Health is contingent upon balancing not only our physical needs, but our emotional needs as well. In India, a group of healers versed in Ayurvedic medicine describe colors associated with the seven main chakras, which are, according to their system, spiritual centers in our bodies located along the spine.[3]
There are seven of these chakras and each is associated with a particular organ or system in the body. Each chakra has a dominant color, but these colors may become imbalanced. If this happens it can cause disease and other physical ramifications.[3] By introducing the appropriate color, these maladies can be fixed. Below is a description of each chakra and its corresponding color.

Red: First Chakra: Located at the base of the spine.
Orange: Second Chakra: pelvis area
Yellow: Third Chakra: solar plexus
Green: Fourth Chakra: heart
Blue: Fifth Chakra: throat
Indigo: Sixth Chakra: lower part of the forehead
Violet: Seventh Chakra: top of the head


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